Nissan Leaf New York Taxis Celebrate Earth Day

Nissan Leaf New York Taxis Celebrate Earth Day

Nissan and New York City are celebrating Earth Day together by launching a pilot program to use the Leaf electric car as a taxi.

“Following the selection of Nissan NV200 as New York City’s Taxi of Tomorrow, our relationship with the city provides us the ultimate proving ground to conduct this Leaf taxi pilot to help optimize the use of electric vehicle technology for future applications,” Nissan executive Joe Castelli said.

The program will put six of the Nissan EVs into service this spring to demonstrate the effectiveness of electric cars as taxis. Part of the program will see several DC quick chargers installed to help reduce charging times. Nissan donated the six EVs to New York’s Taxi and Limousine commission for “electric vehicle trials,” moving toward mayor Michael Bloomberg’s goal to see one third of the city’s taxis be electric by the end of the decade.

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“Even though the Taxi of Tomorrow won’t be on the road for another six months, we’re already looking ahead to the taxi of the day after tomorrow,” said mayor Michael Bloomberg.

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