OnStar Operators get Medical Accrediation

OnStar Operators get Medical Accrediation

General Motors announced today that OnStar’s First Assist service is accredited for emergency medical dispatching (EMD).

The recognition means OnStar First emergency advisors certified by the International Academies of Emergency Dispatch (IAED) will be able to offer emergency medical dispatch services while first responders are en route.

GM said today that its OnStar advisors can already count coaching women through labor, or offering advice on how to stop excessive bleeding among the services they have performed.

“The fact that our emergency advisors are able to offer instructions that meet the rigorous standards set by the IAED is a testament to how seriously we take this responsibility to help our customers and how hard these advisors work,” said GM Global Connected Consumer executive Terry Inch.

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This is the first time IAED has recognized a non-emergency service as a “Medical Accredited CEnter of Excellence.” OnStar was also recognized for its high level of compliance with the Medical Priority Dispatch System – the world’s most common standardized medical call-talking and dispatch life support protocol system.

The idea of what OnStar is doing is something I would consider a no-brainer. The first person that has access to the patient can make a big difference,” said MPDS inventor Dr. Jeff Clawson.