Porsche 911 Probed for Failing Coolant Hose Fitting

Porsche 911 Probed for Failing Coolant Hose Fitting

Porsche 911 sports cars from model years 2001 through 2007 are the subject of a NHTSA probe opened on Friday, April 26. 

A coolant hose fitting might fail and allow the fluid to rapidly drain from the cars onto the ground. That poses a hazard to the affected vehicle and any other cars around. A NHTSA document show that an estimated 10,000 vehicles equipped with the maker’s GT1 flat six engine could be affected by the issue.

The same document shows that there have been 10 complaints filed so far with the agency, although a recall hasn’t been initiated. A preliminary evaluation is currently taking place and that could escalate to a recall if NHTSA determines that it is necessary.

  • paul

    recently serviced porche 911 2007 less than 100 miles ago noticed coolant level very low not sure what to do top it up or take it back to porche west London