Special Headlights Render Rain Invisible at Night

Special Headlights Render Rain Invisible at Night

You probably take them for granted and forget to turn them on from time to time, but headlights have made a remarkable journey from the lanterns they literally used to be. Now, they might be able to make rain invisible… sort of.

New technology developed by Intel and Carnegie Mellon University is making it possible, although you’ll still be saddled with seeing past a set of windshield wipers waving like coked-out aircraft marshall. Here’s how it works.

Light is sent in front of the car like a headlight, only in this case it’s something similar to a movie projector. The system relays information on falling raindrops to a processing unit. That unit decides the drop’s most likely path and avoids highlighting the drop.

Sound far-fetched? It is for now, although Intel says the technology could reach production cars within the decade. Until then, keep your fingers crossed for some sort of rain-canceling windshield.

[Source: Cnet]