SRT Viper GTS Makes Up Almost 90% of Orders

SRT Viper GTS Makes Up Almost 90% of Orders

When SRT first revealed the more expensive Viper GTS model, the American automaker expected that it would only get a handful of orders. Turns out they were a bit on the pessimistic side.

Demanding a $23,000 premium over the standard Viper model, the GTS is packed with more luxurious interior amenities and modern technology, aiming to be more of an upscale model inside to match the beauty of the outside. Needless to say, SRT executives have been overwhelmed by the demand of the GTS model with Graham Henckel, stating that almost 90 percent of all Viper orders are for the GTS model.

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GTS owners are treated with power seats from Sabelt instead of the base model manual ones. They come standard with high-performance cloth in bright red, but buyers can also opt for Nappa premium leather seats in black, red, or caramel.

“The GTS responds to a lot of those inputs from people who say, ‘I’ve had a basic Viper and that’s cool, and I really want one that’s more like a Ferrari inside,'” Henckel said in an interview with WardsAuto. “‘It”s rich and has modern electronics, and I can take it to a local car show and park it next to a Lamborghini and not be embarrassed by the materials in the car.”



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