Top 10 Cheapest States for Car Insurance

Top 10 Cheapest States for Car Insurance

3. North Carolina - $1,085 Average Annual Premium

An average annual premium of $1,085 is good enough to land North Carolina in the third place spot. With over 9.75-million residents, its largest city is Charlotte and the state is composed of 100 counties. North Carolina is also home to the second largest state highway in the country and the largest ferry system on the east coast. In 2011, the American State Litter Scorecard awarded North Carolina a highest ‘best’ rating for having some of American’s cleanest public spaces and highways.

  • Donna Chan

    even these are all way too much money, IMO.
    i live in NY (one of the more expensive states) and I only pay $25 monthly thru 4autoinsurancequote.
    why do these people pay so much? do they not shop around??

  • GuestToo

    People also have to factor in what coverage amounts they’ll have, what deductible they choose, etc. – which are the primary influences on what their premiums will be aside from what state they’re in as well. I myself have insurance in AZ, BUT because I dont have to worry about driving to a job every day, I can have insurance for a pleasure vehicle – which is also far more cheaper AND thats.w the best coverage of $300k COMBINED single limit across the board w only a $500 deductible/ collision & I only pay about $650/YR… Then again, I also have a perfect driving record/ history and am just shy of 50 – which are also top criteria in assessing premiums. Much younger drivers are higher risk, as are much older drivers… Along with if you’ve ever had an accident or ever filed a claim. People tend to forget about these things having a major impact. Then again, there’s also credit scores nowadays that have a big impact too…


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