Top 10 Compact Sedans with the Biggest Trunks

Top 10 Compact Sedans with the Biggest Trunks

1. Volkswagen Jetta, 15.5

Volkswagen is rolling right along, earning first-place honors in yet another AutoGuide Top 10 list. And once again the Jetta leads the field. Last time around it offered the most back-seat legroom, enough space to conceive a child… or even triplets. Today it delivers the most trunk space among these compact cars, a whopping 15.5 cubic feet. On top of these wins VW’s popular Passat TDI also offered the greatest highway range in a group of 10 large sedans. Those are some mighty impressive laurels and we suspect it’s time the company did a little resting. Maybe the competition will have a chance to catch up.

The Jetta is a space champ, just like the United States in 1969 when they beat the Soviets to the moon. It’s also offered with a wide range of engines from a 2.0-liter base powerplant that buyers should stay at least 20 miles away from, to a mass-market five-cylinder unit, to a diesel, to a gasoline turbo; literally there’s something for everybody, and with such a big trunk you can bring everybody’s stuff, too.


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