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 |  Apr 25 2013, 3:01 PM

9. 2013 Toyota Corolla, 12.3 Cubic Feet


While Subaru’s Impreza tries to tap into the ethereal power of the number dozen, Toyota’s small-car offering is all about Lawrence Welk reruns, pill organizers and walkers with tennis balls on their feet. Compact cars are supposed to be youthful and fun but the Corolla is weary and worn. It’s the C-Segment equivalent of an octogenarian.

The car may be old (and it is) but this senior citizen still has enough vigor to top the Impreza in trunk space, and maybe for an afternoon game of backgammon. Toyota’s compact sedan offers ennui-seeking clientele 12.3 cubic feet of trunk space. It’s perfect for hitting up drive-through pharmacies or stocking up on generic-brand diet cola.

If customers want more space they can opt for the Toyota Matrix hatchback, a fraternal twin to the Corolla. It has about 20 cubic feet of cargo room in its hold.