Top 10 Most Fuel Efficient Luxury Cars

Top 10 Most Fuel Efficient Luxury Cars

1. Tesla Model S (89-95 MPGe)

How do you save money at the pump? Try not visiting them at all with the Tesla Model S. Available with either a 60 kWh battery, or a longer lasting 85 kWh battery, the Model S gets 95 MPGe or 89 mpge respectively. The bigger battery helps the Model S net a 265 mile range. This $62,400 model (after a $7,500 tax rebate) is no slouch when it comes to performance, helping it reach 60 mph in 5.6 seconds. An elegant looking car, the Model S also has an impressive array of technology inside the cabin, including a 17-inch touchscreen.

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  • Calling the ILX a luxury car is ridiculous. Get real.

  • Radiotube

    You get real, Tom. I own one and it is better than non luxury cars. The service at the dealer is also over the top with perks, which is part of the luxury experience.

  • As of 1053 4/3/2013: “This rear-wheel drive Lexus is still fun to dive and manages to get 31 mpg combined, making it frugal and exciting.”

    …and apparently suitable for Her Majesty’s Secret Service.

  • Invalid-Username

    LOL @ Ford’s fuel economy claims. I’m going to go ahead and call their bluff on that Lincoln MKZ claim right now. They lied about the Fusion Hybrid and the C-Max, this won’t be an exception lol

  • Rob

    It’s crazy to have to click through 10 pages to see everything. I know you want your ad money, but this is yet another webpage I won’t visit just because of this. At least have an option to view all on one page.

  • Babkat17

    My sister’s 1993 Honda Civic got better gas millage than these new cars today. Also the first hybrid, Honda Insight had around 60 mpg on the highway. Why such low fuel efficiency today. We can do much better. Is this a result of the oil and auto industry in bed together?

  • tokhme

    these are the best mpg’s? this is pathetic. while europe has many cars from honda, toyota and volkwagon that achieve more than 50MPG, volkswagon getting 75mpg on a diesel. it just shows how messed up it is

  • Mick

    Honda had the 1992 Civic VX that got 60mpg with a 1.5 liter gas engine.

  • Mick

    How long to save the premium you pay in gas.

  • Corey

    LUXURY cars.