Top 10 Reasons to Buy a Pickup Truck

Top 10 Reasons to Buy a Pickup Truck

10. Flagship Luxury

With heated and ventilated seats, dual-zone climate control and premium leather trimmings modern pickups aren’t just built to work; they can also serve as full-fledged luxury vehicles. They offer available features that were once the exclusive territory of flagship sedans.

Ten years ago who would have guessed pickups would be equipped with eight-speed transmissions, like the 2013 Ram 1500? Who would have thought racing-grade twin-turbo V6s with direct fuel injection would ever end up under the hood of a truck? EcoBoost technology powers a huge chunk of F-150s sold each month.

Today’s trucks are worlds apart from where they were just a few years ago. They offer more capability, luxury and style than ever before. When it comes to amenities some of them can rival the likes of BMW’s 7 Series, yet they can still haul a yard of gravel. Beat that, car!

  • chavitz

    Though my computer is fast, this multi-page article still sucks—too much hassle to read

  • Kevman

    Left out one of the most important: SAFETY. chances of surviving a crash are much higher in a big truck than a car.

  • Do the Math

    Let’s not forget that a pickup will burn more than 10,000 gallons of gasoline during its lifetime. More than an 18-wheel tanker truck carries. $40,000 at today’s prices and probably $60,000 at prices fifteen years from now.

  • AJ

    @df8e7f252ebd272d4daa089044621653:disqus and common sense. One should know NOT to tow 11,000 pounds with a 1/2 ton truck.

  • AJ

    And your point is?

  • bobby

    Helen Hunt is NOT a reason to buy a truck. At all. She’s old.

  • Curious

    What vehicle is the BMW interior shot from?

  • ixice

    Sure she is.

  • If a, say a good looking woman of your choice does not thing you are the hot stuff for her then, NO truck is going to do it for her, ha! Although, if you happen to be CEO of a company (that is successful) then she may stick around for the bennies.

  • Space

    New Chevrolet Silverado (or GMC Sierra).
    IMO, they should have used the Ram for that slide.. it is a world-class interior in every regard, and Chrysler is doing fantastic in the technology department.

  • Idk bout that. Hooking up with Helen would be like robbing the cradle for me!!!!! LOL

  • Colum Wood

    Somehow this got completely off-topic. Haha!

  • Vencos

    The point is Buy a Prius and save the world!

  • You must be a he-she…. SALLY!!!

  • Brad

    The truck in Twister was a 95 Dodge Ram 2500 Club Cab V10. Not a half ton truck.

  • Alvin

    Man those Ford trucks really look good, It’s on my wishlist.

  • booshgravy

    if you have a brake controller, why not? i’ve dont it many times with no problems

  • booshgravy

    try looking at a tundra. they’re better all around. i traded my f150 on a tundra and i only wish i had done it sooner

  • booshgravy

    who cares what it looks like. Rams are cheap pieces of junk

  • AJ

    Energy efficiency is more than just fuel economy. There was a report done by CNW Research in 2001 that indicated that for example, a Ford Escort was the second most fuel efficient vehicle at $0.57 per mile over it’s lifetime, and a Jeep Wrangler was at $0.60 per mile. A Mercedes Benz produced Maybach as the worst at $11.58 per mile. Your precious Toyota Prius was $3.25 per mile! Sure, that study was more then ten years ago, but the power package in hybrids is more complex with the manufacture, replacement and disposal of such items such as batteries, electric motors and the lighter weight materials. If you really want to save the Earth, get a bicycle you lazy bum! 😉

  • Alvin

    I know the Tundra also makes top of the line trucks but I really like the Ford’s looks and I also want an American built truck. Not something that was Imported

  • Vencos

    AJ, Im just guessing what Do The Math think. I know the Dust to Dust publication by CNW and not the Prius lover.

    Here in Europe, we have the similar problem – diesels. Nobody cares about anything but fuel economy, they cant count…

    And yes – I really want to save the Earth, so using an old cars that still runs

  • dboy4ever

    Tundras are built right here in America, since its debut in 1999.

  • Edward Meehan

    Alvin. The tundra is built in the US

  • booshgravy

    specifically San Antonio, Tx

  • JDMHero

    This article is the biggest load o’ bullshit I ever read.

    GO anywhere? 4Runners can rock crawl up 90 degree rock faces, can a truck do that -> not even possible physically.

    Fuel economy? If we run it like a normal engine without a whole ton of electronics to turn cylinders on/off when not in use and all the other failure-prone technologies thrown into these things, you’re still coming out worse than a smaller capacity engine. Oh wait, we forgot that trucks are RWD 95% of the time, so its even worse if you run around with AWD, like a 4Runner. Sigh, forgot to mention V8 4Runners get better economy than a truck full of electronics; what was I saying again?

    Family size -> smaller than car/suv? So no…

    Pull more? Sure, you have a diesel. For the 1500 gas (apples to apples) it’s less than a 4Runner…

    Haul more? I can throw 1,200lbs into my 4Runner, its called a “half-ton” for a reason, so draw.

    Comfortable -> Uh… let’s not go there.

    Safety -> 4Runners handle the exact same way at every speed 0 – 140, so it’s not like I’m stressing out that I’ll die from some freak accident. Pickups… well, there’s a reason they’re the #1 thing suffering from roll overs.

    All-weather handling -> Um, yeah, whenever it ices here in Idaho all the pickups sit there spinning at the stops, lack of AWD, duh…

    Conclusion -> Unless you are a contractor, you DON’T need a truck, you are essentially proclaiming your redneck-ness by buying one. Buy a full-japanese import too, that US toyota crap is as bad as the domestic trucks/cars/suvs.


  • twooly

    Profits are still going to Japanese company. And yeah, it’s “US jobs” and still helping our economy, but I’m just too dang stubborn to not buy US.

  • twooly

    Then why are they winning awards for their interior? You’re living in 2003. Read a car magazine and you’ll realize you’re wrong. Their new trucks are top notch.

  • twooly

    I was thinking the same thing, but it had been a while since I last saw Twister.

  • FrankLuska

    Oh Waaaaaaaaaaaaa, stop your whining, 4Runners are about the sorriest POS for off road since the model A. Over Half of what you said is total BS. Especially this: 4Runners handle the exact same way at every speed 0 – 140. Well maybe you are right, they handle like shit at any speed.

  • Boo hoo

    JDMHero – so we got it – you own a 4runner and proud of it. I didn’t need to read past the first paragraph to say you’re full o’ sh*t. Do you even understand what a 90* is? it’s a vertical wall. And FYI 4runner is a 1/4 ton, not a half, Sequoya would be a half ton.

  • Dustyn Van Leeuwen

    I’d like to see your 4runner pull my 20,000lb trailer. A truck can do everything your sweet little runner can do and more and yes even crawl up 90deg rock faces. Lol. I’ve seen hundreds of trucks out on the trail. But trucks are built to haul and tow things. And yes a truck can haul more cause we have something called a bed. Yes you do have a little space behind your seats and you could even pull those seats and have more room. But I’d like to see you load up a ton of rocks. Lol. Look I love 4runners as much as the next guy, I have a 87 that’s completely built to rock crawl. But it’s no truck. And comparing the two is ridiculous. And you are wrong it’s a 1/4 ton. It wouldn’t even be considered a half truck. So you sir need to stop jacking off to your 4runner magazines and wake up

  • Dilligaf

    I work on cars for a living.I hope you have them green backs put away for your Toyota when it brakes.we call them 4 runners do to them needing 4 more parts to keep it running.

  • sentimentum

    I haven’t had a great truck since my 1980 Custom Deluxe with a straight six and 3 on the tree. They have simply gotten real expensive, and that $70 I put in the tank of my Tundra, just to drive 300 miles, just plain hurts.

  • Michael

    They are winning awards because they advertise in the magazines that give them. Everyone knows the “Truck of the Year” is on a rotating schedule. You win when your turn comes around again. Anyone who believes these awards are real is delusional.

  • twooly

    Okay, I have an issue of Motor trend right in front of me. Oh look 5 out of 100’s of ads are car companies, ONE of them is a Jeep. Man, Chrysler is really got them by the balls in the advertising department. The 3 times in the last 35 years that a Dodge truck has won just speaks to the truth of that. If advertising was the biggest factor awards, why isn’t WeatherTech floormats winning anything? I’m seriously sick of their 5 page spreads. I’m not saying that you’re not partly right, I do think that many of the awards are a bit rigged. Chevy Volt is a prime example. Government Motors had to have paid them a pretty penny to bump up a few numbers on the score, but when you read multiple car mags review of the new Rams, their interior has improved tenfold in the last 5 years. You obviously haven’t sat in an older and new Ram if you disagree. They’ve really stepped up their game.

  • Colum Wood

    I nominate WeatherTech for the 2014 Car of the Year!

  • akbeaver

    Last I heard most late model 1/2 ton trucks (which is the most popular size) Ford F-150, Chevy/GM 1500, Dodge 1500, Tundra, etc., are made on a Unibody frame not a ladder frame.
    The HD one-tons and up may have an H frame and the older year model trucks may also come with the classic truck frame but as a reason to own a truck, I think Unibody frame is not one of them.

  • guest

    carz suck trucks r awsome

  • guest


  • bobman197

    tundras are cheap junk and dont even compare to a ford, ram or chevy

  • jr

    yall are lame

  • jr

    no im just kidding i love trucks but i honestly am a ford lover i just like ford and thats all

  • Glenn

    Remember Hummer? Everyone buy it for show off. One best memorable I saw was seeing high fashion clothed petite girl drove by me in high raised shiny black hummer with lot of chrome and when I visit my friend, I point out to new Hummer next to Tahoe on next door driveway, he said “Oh it was belong to his wife”