Toyota In-Car Traffic Signal Alert System Under Testing

Toyota In-Car Traffic Signal Alert System Under Testing

Would you drive differently if you knew what a traffic light was going to do before entering the intersection? Toyota thinks so.

That’s why the Japanese giant is testing a system on one of the roads in Toyota City to do exactly that. Using a 700 MHz bandwidth allocated by the brand for “Intelligent Transport Systems” (ITS), the in-car traffic signal alert system would receive information from upcoming traffic signals to warn drivers of red lights.

Aside from warning daydreamers and bad drivers, Toyota said the 700MHz band would also be effective for vehicle-to-vehicle communication. With a broad enough application, that could also distribute information about when a car is going to turn while passing through an intersection.

Toyota hopes the system will reduce crashes and also carbon dioxide emissions.

The tests will analyze driver behavior driver behavior under various driving conditions in an effort to determine the impact such a system could have.

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