Toyota Matrix Announcement Coming, Likely Axed in US

Toyota Matrix Announcement Coming, Likely Axed in US

Sorry Matrix fans, it doesn’t sound like Toyota’s compact hatchback is going to be around much longer.

Past reports suggest the Matrix is headed out to pasture and an internal source familiar with the matter told AutoGuide today that there will be an official announcement coming in five weeks about the car’s future in North America.

This is a natural time for the Matrix to make its exit. It’s based on the Corolla, which is due for a complete redesign previewed by the Furia concept during this year’s Detroit Auto Show. Given the poor overall demand for the hatchback, it would seem unlikely for Toyota to create a new version.

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Plans still aren’t official, but that announcement will probably include the Matrix exiting the U.S. market. The same source suggested that demand in Canada could be strong enough to keep it in Canadian dealer showrooms.

Sales have been limping along in the U.S. In fact, Toyota doesn’t even include it as a separate vehicle in charts detailing individual vehicle unit sales.

Toyota first sold the Matrix during the 2003 model year and at the time it was also offered through GM as the Pontiac Vibe, although that car died along with General Motors’ subsidiary.

Last year, the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration’s American Automobile Labeling Act report showed that the Matrix had the highest percentage of American parts: 95 percent. That figure dropped to 65 percent this year.

  • Chavitz1

    don’t get me wrong, Luke?  For decades or so, Toyota has been using the hatch’s sales number to claim Corolla No.1 sales both in us and world market.  The announcement will be very likely the opposite: that is, Toyota will do something to strengthen the No.1 sales marketing strategy, such as  adding Hybrid Corolla Matrix. 

  • huwtm

    The new Corolla hatch is available now worldwide. Please explain why the US doesn’t like hatchbacks  Far superior to sedans in versatility and many times looks. I just don’t get it? There is no clear logical reason for a sedan with a tiny trunk opening over a hatch?

  • huwtm

    Toyota use very imaginative number and car types to maintain Corolla as the alleged top seller in the world. Though as we know, Ford now hold that position with essentially two body types for the one car Hatch (most of the world) and trunk (US).

  • Chavitz1

    Though knowing the truth, Americans don’t publically say it: Ford cars are rubbish.

  • huwtm

    Seems most of the world don’t agree with you.

  •  *Ford cars are half-Mazda


    Seriously, though, I test-drove some Fords in 2011 when looking at a new car, and they’ve made some pretty big leaps forward, even when not considering the Mazda2/Fiesta, the Mazda3/Focus, and the partiallly Mazda6/Taurus.

  •  If Toyota’s current numbers are accurate, the Corolla sedan alone is beating both models of the Focus.

  • huwtm

    It’s Mazda 6=Mondeo/Fusion. Ford use an independent agency to establish their claim. If it’s “Toyota’s” numbers, you can’t take them seriously. 

  • You got me on the Mazda6/Mondeo/Fusion. I keep forgetting that one. As for Toyota’s numbers, any numbers, whether Ford’s or Toyota’s, are of course subject to independent verification.

  • famished

    Happy with my ’06 but the current Matrix design has me considering others when its time is up. Suburu’s WRX wagon currently has my eye. Bolder looks + efficiency …too much to ask for?

  • SignInDoesn’tWork

    Toyota doesn’t do the hatch justice in NA. The Yaris hatch is 10″
    or 12″ shorter than the sedan providing _less_ cargo space! The
    Matrix’s fuel efficiency and seating are terrible compared to the
    Corolla which also has more passenger and cargo space plus the Matrix
    was also quite a bit more costly for similar equipment than the
    Corolla. The US loves hatches when they are more versatile than
    a sedan, we call them Crossovers like the RAV4, Prius V and Venza.

  • huwtm

    You can’t compare a Yaris, that’s deliberately short for a reason. Corolla hatch is not, neither are any of the others. It’s well known that your society doesn’t like hatches and it’s mad. Cross overs are a different thing altogether. Not even remotely comparable, they are tall station wagons. Hatches are door or four door sedans with added versatility.

  • aj

    I had an 05 and loved it, I believe it was bigger than the newest model, and I would still have it today if some smashed guy hadnt totalled in his 60’s model pickup. I wish Toyota would make another like it!