Toyota Refutes Ford, Says Corolla is World’s Best Selling Car

Toyota Refutes Ford, Says Corolla is World’s Best Selling Car

Taking issue with Ford’s assertion that the Focus is the world’s best selling car, Toyota has announced that the Corolla was actually the most popular vehicle with consumers in 2012.

A Ford press release issued yesterday, citing data provided by Industry analyst firm Polk, claimed the Focus sold more than any other single model last year with 1.02 million units moved.

Speaking to Reuters, Toyota spokesman Ryo Sakai claims the Corolla topped the Focus by over 100,000 units with 1.16 million cars sold during the year. “Toyota still sees the Corolla as the world’s most popular car,” Sakai claims.

While the Corolla sedan makes up 90 percent of that number, it also includes versions of the car in different markets, including the Corolla Altis, Corolla Axio, Corolla Wagon, Corolla Fielder and Corolla Rumion – all versions sold using the Corolla name. It does not, however, include Corolla-based models that aren’t marketed as such, including the Matrix, Scion xB and European Auris.

[Source: Reuters]

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  • Yynotnnh2003

    Nope Honda is.

  • Hajime Kishi

    Wasnt there also a commercial Corolla Van??

  • huwtm

    Still Ford comes out on top, it’s Focus sedan or hatch, making those numbers. The one model. As opposed to Toyota pulling a bait and switch, by putting the Corolla monika on a variety of different cars. Different cars don’t count, one car one range. 

  • huwtmm

    Ford did the same thing, using the Focus from all markets. Toyota sold more models. Period.

  • huwtm

    Need tampons for that period?