Toyota Unintended Acceleration Case Settled for $16M

Toyota Unintended Acceleration Case Settled for $16M

Unintended acceleration became a buzzword in when more than 14 million Toyota vehicles were recalled in 2009 and 2010 for unintended acceleration. Some of the resulting disputes are still being settled.

Most recently, Orange County prosecutors announced a settlement on Friday, March 6, with Toyota for $16 million. The suit was one of several lawsuits connected to the controversy and sought $2,500 per violation under California’s consumer protection laws. The suit claimed deceptive business practices, and under the settlement, Toyota continues to deny those claims.

“Having addressed floor mat and ‘sticky pedal’ issues with effective and durable solutions, we are gratified that Toyota vehicles are once again widely recognized as among the safest and most reliable on the road,” Christopher P Reynolds, an attorney and vice president for Toyota, said in a statement.

[Source: the Detroit News]

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