Volkswagen Backs Off 1 Million Sales Goal… Sort of

Volkswagen Backs Off 1 Million Sales Goal… Sort of

Volkswagen set a lofty goal of hitting 1-million sales in the United States by 2018. Does the German automaker still believe that’s attainable?

Maybe, maybe not. The idea of selling 800,000 Volkswagens and 200,000 Audis by 2018 may seem far off considering last year the brands moved 438,133 for VW and 139,310 for Audi. In speaking about the goal at the 2013 New York Auto Show, CEO of VW Group of America, Jonathan Browning, gave a roundabout answer to whether or not the German automaker still believes it’s achievable:

“The 1 million was set as a goal to really shock our internal organization – that doing business as we have historically done was not going to achieve our goals,” Browning said. “It is less important whether we hit a specific volume earlier or later. It sets the tone for the magnitude of our ambition.”

Browning did reiterate afterwards that it’s still the automaker’s objective to hit the goal and feels optimistic after selling more than half of the goal last year.

[Source: Automotive News Europe]

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    Based on sales of 142k units for 1st qtr, they will be challenged to meet 2012 sales target of 614k