10.7 Million Charging Stations Available Globally by 2020: Report

10.7 Million Charging Stations Available Globally by 2020: Report

According to a recent study released by IHS Automotive, an estimated 10.7-million charging stations will be available globally by the end of the decade.

That’s a tenfold increase to where we are at today, but as sales continue to grow for electric vehicles and plug-in hybrids, a rise in charging stations worldwide is expected. Compiled by IMS Research, the study also noted that there were 135,000 charging stations worldwide in 2011.

As expected, the largest concentration of charging stations will be found in the United States, China, Japan, and Germany. All those countries have domestic automakers that are focusing on developing EVs along with government support to expand e-mobility.

Currently, the United States has over 5,800 public charging stations. Of course with more charging stations available worldwide, the less range anxiety consumers will have when shopping for PHEVs and EVs.

“While volumes may not reach the levels imagined in the hype of 2009, it is clear that there needs to be charging infrastructure in place to support this change in mobility,” Alastair Hayfield, associate director at IMS, said in a statement.

[Source: IHS Automotive]

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