Five-Point Inspection: 2013 Ford Focus ST

Five-Point Inspection: 2013 Ford Focus ST

5. Not a spartan sport special


Unlike some other performance vehicles playing in this price range, the ST has not sacrificed comfort and convenience to keep the price down. Aside from the aforementioned seats, the interior is finished in quality materials that look modern. Being that the Focus is still a hatchback, it is practical as well, offering 23.8 cubic feet of cargo space behind the rear seats.

Like it or leave, the ST has Ford’s latest version of MyFord Touch which can be connected to a 355 watt Sony 10 speaker sound system. The system is still frustrating to use at times, but at least the Sony stereo boasts rich bass and a clean sound. After a few hours behind the wheel of the Focus ST it became a battle of what to listen to; the excellent stereo or the sweet engine intake noises.

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