2013 Nissan Leaf EPA Rated with 75-Mile Range, 115 MPGe

2013 Nissan Leaf EPA Rated with 75-Mile Range, 115 MPGe

The 2013 Nissan Leaf has finally been given official stats from the EPA, improving slightly over last year’s model with an estimated range of 75 miles and a combined MPGe rating of 115.

To achieve the boost in range, Nissan worked with aerodynamics, along with providing a wider range of regenerative braking and new energy management systems. Nissan has also improved charging times by fitting an on-board 6.6 kW charger that puts 220V charging time at around four hours.

Compared to the 2012 model, the Leaf has gained 2 miles of overall distance, and 16 MPGe of combined efficiency, but that’s not the whole story.

“For 2013, the EPA elected to use an average of Leaf’s two charging modes to generate the range calculation for the window label an 80 percent ‘Long Life Battery Mode’ and a 100 percent ‘Long Distance Modes,'” Brian Brockman, senior manager of Nissan Corporate Communications told Hybrid Cars. “In the past, the Monroney label displayed range based only on a fully charged battery.”

So the 75-mile range is actually an average between the 80 percent charge range and the 100 percent charge range. On a full battery, the EPA says the 2013 Leaf is capable of about 83 miles. If the test procedures had of stayed the same, the 2013 Leaf would have a full 14 percent more range than the 2012 model.

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