Five-Point Inspection: 2013 Nissan Titan

Five-Point Inspection: 2013 Nissan Titan

2. Little Storage Box Beside the Bed

Any job worth doing is worth doing early in the morning. That means waking up early, and waking up early sucks.

Thankfully, Nissan devised the world’s most idiosyncratic coffee cup holder. The owner’s manual will tell you this cubby is meant for other chores. Ignore that.

It’s located behind a locked door on the left side of the bed, just ahead of the wheel.

Putting a cup of mud in there for the drive would be both stupid and wasteful, but what about when you reach the job site?

Be it moving stuff, building things or breaking them down, you’re bound to be making more than a few trips to and fro. That’s where Nissan’s bed-side compartment comes in handy.

Keep your coffee in the hidden bed-side shelf. You wont risk knocking it over. You won’t lose it. Best of all: it’s plastic and double sealed against moisture, so even if you drive away with a full cup inside, five seconds with a hose absolves all.

It’s worth noting that you’ll need to buy either the Pro-4X or top-trim SL to get the compartment.

  • *to and fro

  • krell51

    I’ve owned a Chevy, GMC and a Titan, Titan is by far the better truck.

  • davepjr71

    I’ve always owned Dodge and just came from a Doge Dakota after 10 yrs of ownership. that was supposed to be a good truck and so far my Titan puts it to shame. I have absolutely no problems with the shifting and get better gas milage than the Dakota. Everyone knows the gas milage listed for the Big 3 is a crock.
    Hopefully, the new 2014 version will get some heads turned. Chevy can have 100 recalls and you never hear about it. Have 1 recall on a Toyota or Nissan and it’s headline news. Go to Titantalk and find out the truth about these trucks instead of reading this garbage. There are guys on there with trucks well over 100,000 miles.

  • borred

    Owned a GMC, Ford and my 2013 Titan is by FAR a better truck. LOOks better and power to gearing is very good. If you think the Titan is behind on power then line your new Domestic up beside at Titan at a track or light sometime and get embarrassed. I would bet everything that the 5.6 would out last any Domestic half ton motor for longevity as well. Every manufacturer cuts corners some where but Nissan with out a doubt makes a extremely strong motor.

  • Norm

    I love the the performance of my 2013 Nissan Titan ( just got it a week ago). When your talking about the power Titan always have it. I had 2007, 2010, and now 2013 Nissan Titan, every time I bought a new one I’m always happy to have one. The best truck ever.