2014 BMW M5 Facelift Leaked

2014 BMW M5 Facelift Leaked

BMW will offer its 2014 M5 with a facelift, and images of the car leaked through an updated version of the brand’s online car configurator. 

The changes are mild and borrow from the more expensive M6. For example, BMW borrowed the same vertical slats for the kidney grilles in the new M5.

In the same way, cabin changes are also taken from the M6 — most notably the cars will now share their steering wheel. The iDrive controller will also be touch sensitive. Aside from that, the cabin looks the same.

Finally, BMW is expected to offer a competition package in the upcoming model year that will bump output up by 15 hp. The package will also offer new wheels, driving modes and suspension.

GALLERY: 2014 BMW M5 leaked photos


[Source: Autocar]