Five-Point Inspection: 2014 Chevrolet Impala

Five-Point Inspection: 2014 Chevrolet Impala

Corners no longer frighten the Impala

The Impala is still the great highway cruiser it has always been. Keeping up to highway speeds and tracking straight has never been an issue for the Impala. Corners have been. But now the full-size sedan can actually handle curves like any other full-size sedan (sport specials not included). In fact, the Impala feels as composed in the corners as many mid-size sedans.

This doesn’t make the Impala a sports car; far from it. But at least it won’t be holding up other vehicles, like garbage trucks, road graters and street sweepers when the road gets bendy.

  • Mike

    Why would you get the 4 cylinder, the mileage is too small?

  • Mike

    I meant mileage difference.

  • Paul

    Really? 2014 and GM are up to 19 or 21mpg in a floaty, slab sided barge. Review desperate to like it and even then, they can say that the handling is not as embarrassingly bad as it used to be. Styling is hopelessly dated to my eyes. Looks like a 1990’s Saab. How can GM hope to stay in business, producing mediocrity like this? Fake stitching and an aftermarket looking screen stuck on the dash board. At least it’s cheap I suppose.

  • Zbigkid

    You could always buy an Audi, and have it stuck in the shop most of the time. And pay 25% more for a german engineered machine.


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