2014 GMC Sierra Standard Cab Quietly Revealed

2014 GMC Sierra Standard Cab Quietly Revealed

GMC debuted the standard cab version of its 2014 Sierra pickup today in a press release about the truck’s aerodynamics.

In it, GMC says the 2014 Sierra spent more time in a wind tunnel than any of its predecessors. The tunnel, which is 750 feet long, generates winds up to 138 mph. The release shows photos of what looks like a higher trim version of the standard cab sierra.


Aside from unveiling the standard cab, GMC also discussed some of the changes it made to improve the aerodynamics of its truck. For example, there is a new sealant between the cab and bed, which GM aerodynamics performance engineer Diane Bloch explained, saying “the most harmful air between the cab and bed was coming over the cab and down through the gap, so we paid the most attention to that specific area.” Now the truck uses new sealing to address the issue.

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During the testing, GMC also looked at tailgate positions and how they affect efficiency. It turns out that having the gate raised is the most efficient because air flows over the cab and pushes forward against the back of the truck. Lowering the tailgate eliminates that benefit, and installing an aftermarket net actually makes more drag.

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