3-Cylinder BMW M Model a Possibility Says Brand Boss

3-Cylinder BMW M Model a Possibility Says Brand Boss

Times are changing in the world of high-performance cars, with better technology and a focus on fuel efficiency causing automakers to look for creative ways to deliver thrills.

That means there’s plenty of directions BMW’s M division can go in the future, one of which could include using a three-cylinder powerplant in the high-performance versions of the German automaker’s production models. BMW is currently working on a compact architecture that will be powered by three-cylinder engines and the M division is intrigued at the possibility.

Speaking with Car and Driver in an interview, Friedrich Nitschke, head of M GmbH, admitted that the “three-cylinder is an attractive engine.” He believes that a 1.5-liter, three-cylinder can achieve over 310 hp. In fact, Nitschke believes that might not even be the limit for those powerplants.

As for all-wheel drive, Nitschke confirmed that it won’t be making an appearance in the current-generation models except for the SUVs X5 M and X6 M. He did leave the door open to speculation, however, as M will take another look with the next-generation M5 – but that’s a long ways off.

Lastly, we can stop expecting bespoke engines from the M division in the future. Though they will still have standalone engines, the future of M models will be built on BMW AG engines, though they will be tuned for more performance, catering to the M customers. But we’ll no longer be seeing special engines built specifically for M models.

[Source: Car and Driver]

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