Acura ILX Coupe Unlikely to be Built

Acura ILX Coupe Unlikely to be Built

Those hoping that Acura will produce an ILX coupe variant may be in for some disappointment.

Sluggish sales of the ILX sedan mean that a coupe variant is highly unlikely despite what Acura fans may be clamoring for. The ILX sedan is selling slowly and the Japanese automaker has reduced production and shifted it over to the Honda Civic, which is built at the same plant as the ILX.

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It’s unfortunate considering Acura hasn’t had a sporty coupe since the RSX was discontinued in 2006. Though the RSX wasn’t as big of a success as the Integra, it was still part of the automaker’s lineup to give it variety. And of course, there’s the Acura Integra Type-R that has grown even more infamous over the years due to its rarity and performance capability.

It almost seems that Acura is overdue for a sporty coupe, but unfortunately, it won’t be the ILX.

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  • Honda should not be surprised the ILX doesn’t sell well. It’s a Civic with leather seats. Who wants to pay close to 30 grand for that?

  • They need to build a new generation of Integra and keep it as close to the original formula. The RSX was tubby and tall. The Integra was responsive, enjoyable, economical, and reliable (mine is pushing 800K in kilometers).

  • j14152

    Hear Ye! Honda has fallen behind with their sporty cars. No turbo car to match the VW GTI or the MazdaSpeed 3 and a number of others. Antiquated transmissions, meaning no direct shifting paddle-shifters (once you have one you don’t want anything else). Couple that with an importer (Honda USA) that will not back up a customer when a dealer is difficult or dishonest. Good enough reason why I am not likely to buy Honda’s in the future.

    I’ve bought Honda’s since the late 70’s, and I’ve been happy with them. But Honda is so successful with the average family car, those of us who bought Acura VTEC GSR’s and Civic Si’s in then past are now left out in the cold with Honda. Like the man said – who wants to pay $30k for an Acura-badged a Civic Si with leather seats?

    What killed the “Golden Goose” for me, is Honda dribbles out their newest power trains and other innovations (like I-VTEC and sequential cylinder shutdown and the Odyssey 6-speed) over the life of each generation of vehicle.

    I likely would have bought an Odyssey this year if I could have had it with the Touring power train with the 6-speed auto – but no – it still comes with an antiquated and 5-speed auto. I can only get the power train I want with the most expensive trim line. So I bought something else. That, Honda, is the way of the world!

    Good work, Honda!

  • Ruth

    I have to disagree. I own one and it is a wonderful thing to own. I dont regret paying what I did for it. Honda civics to me arent good looking cars but the ILX is extremely sharp and I get billions of compliments on it.

  • Bob Fishell

    Listen, I drive an RSX – they stopped making them in 2006 – and I love it, but it’s still a dressed-up Civic. Same chassis, and most of the same running gear.