Audi A7 with Fuel-Cell Power in Development

Audi A7 with Fuel-Cell Power in Development

According to Audi’s technical chief Wolfgang Dürheimer, the brand is working on a fuel-cell powered A7.

 The new fuel-cell driven A7 could become part of Audi’s ‘tron’ family of alternative-power vehicles, which includes the A3 E-Tron EV. The car is in development now, and will begin testing by August of 2013.

Audi has had fuel-cell vehicle trials in the past with the Q5 HFC, which was built as a technology demonstration.

Fuel-cell vehicles continue to look as though they might be the next big thing, as EVs are still not practical enough. Fuel cells on the other hand can be filled quickly, and only emit water as a bi-product. The majority of fuel-cell powered vehicles use hydrogen, though other substances can be used as well.

[Source: Autocar]

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