Audi High Performance Models to Boost Sales

Audi High Performance Models to Boost Sales

Audi’s high-performance cars will play an important role in both Audi and parent company Volkswagen’s growth goals.

“We aim to increase sales of high-performance cars by one third” in 2013, CEO Rupert Stadler said Thursday in a speech to shareholders.

Audi outpaced Mercedes to become the second-largest luxury automaker in 2011, and the brand is plotting to overtake BMW by the end of the decade. Meanwhile, Volkswagen has an even more aggressive goal: to surpass Toyota and General Motors by 2018.

Volume sales of Audi’s high-margin performance cars will be critical for achieving both of those goals. During the first quarter, Audi accounted for 56 percent of Volkswagen’s operating profit.

“We want to, and we will, grow further in 2013,” Stadler said.

Currently, Audi is outpacing North American market growth with a 16 percent sales climb through april against seven percent overall growth.

[Source: Automotive News]

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