Bosch Debuts New EV Charger for Less Than $450

Bosch Debuts New EV Charger for Less Than $450

Bosch has announced it will begin selling its Power Max residential electric vehicle charger for under $450 and is designed to work with all electric vehicles.

The Power Max is a 16-amp configuration with a 12-foot cable and will offer 240-volt charging in half the time and at half the price as a Level 2 residential station.

The system will also be available in a faster 30-amp setup with a cord length up to 25 feet. Pricing is key to the Bosch Power Max, which will retail for less than half the cost of other residential charging stations – some cost over $1,000. Bosch was able to cut costs by reducing the length of the cable used for the station.

Also included in the price are permits and inspection, but not installation. The product will come with a three-year warranty and will ship in June.

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  • Wow, that is a lot of volts… you might want to edit the 2,400 volt to 240 volt. It appears that someone doesn’t have a clue about what they are reporting on, just rewrote a press release. The reason it charges in half the time is that it is wired into your home as a 240 volt circuit rather than plugging in to a 110 volt socket. Reducing the length of the cable means placement of the charge point is critical. Oh, and something to note… this is NOT a charger, it is a cable with some data capabilities. The actual charger is in the car, a charge station is basically a plug that meets SAE J-1772 specs so that the charger that is part of the car can plug into an electrical source. I find the cost of these things a bit ridiculous because that is all they really are. There is more technology in your toaster.

  • danwat1234

    Yup, handshaking technology shouldn’t cost that much