Carisma Viano V1 Offers Super-Secret Luxury Travel

Carisma Viano V1 Offers Super-Secret Luxury Travel

There are two qualifiers for owning a Carisma Viano V1. You need to be very rich and very sneaky.

That’s because inside this unassuming Mercedes-Benz van there’s a world of bespoke luxury built for none but the most eccentric of aristocrats. Why not ride in a limousine? It’s too obvious? A Leer Jet? Too limited to long trips. A Helicopter? Too whirly.

Instead, you can ride in what boils down to an expensive man cave on wheels fit for Prince William.

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No two Viano V1 vans are the same. Buyers are given the chance to run wild with “unlimited scope” in choices of exotic materials, entertainment systems and “made to measure” interior design. The vans can function as a mobile office worthy of cementing multi-million dollar deals on the go, or a mobile relaxation zone. The choice is yours.

As is also the case with Rolls-Royce vehicles, the leather used is taken from cattle raised free of barbed wire; blemishes are unbecoming of success…

Discretion is at the top of Carisma’s priority list and the company says its “specialist focus on the vehicle’s interior ensures that there is no hint from the outside of the special environment within.”

Unfortunately, the Mercedes-Benz Viano isn’t sold in North America, so the finest in inconspicuous van life will remain across the Atlantic.

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