Chevrolet SS Will be Made to Order

Chevrolet SS Will be Made to Order

Buyers interested in getting their hands on the 2014 Chevrolet SS will have to be patient, as the sporty sedan will be made to order from Australia.

As unfortunate as it sounds to have to wait at least three months for an ordered SS to make it to American soil, the policy has been put in place to protect Holden’s South Australian workforce. The Chevrolet SS is the American automaker’s version of the Holden VF Commodore, and Holden wants to ensure the export program is stable for the long term.

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General Motors North America CEO and former Holden Chairman, Mark Reuss, confirmed the policy to Drive in Australia. Undoubtedly the policy comes in place after the failed attempts of bringing in the GTO and G8, both of which were part of the Holden export program. Excess stock on dealership lots caused prices to be cut and ultimately ruined the value of the vehicles.

So orders will be taken in the United States for the SS and the cars will be built in South Australia before getting shipped. All this will ideally occur within a 90-day window.

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  • Irony is, ruined NEW value, but used is actually quite strong.

  • Machinist8

    Wait 3 months for a Chevy….bawhahaha

  • My G8 is among the best cars I ever owned, and so was my GTO. I’ve been waiting for 5 years now, what difference will 3 months make?

  • Jinkazama

    Is GM kidding…who in their right mind is going to “order” a chevy? I love my G8 GT…great car…but if I had to order it I wouldn’t have given it a second look. They might as well not even build this car. It is doomed to fail…if anything they should make a limited quantity.

  • George Elley

    What a Joke. So there going to make you pay absolute full sticker plus to own a Chevy SS. Guess Chevy wants Dodge to sell more Chargers. I’m just sayin, when the 8 speed SRT and RT come out next year who’s gonna special order a Chevy and wait three months and pay sticker. Not I. I was somewhat excited having owned a G8 GT. But now, no way in hell will i consider this. NEXT

  • SAE

    I waited and I waited. The people at GM NEVER got the enthusiasts involved, the people passionate about the commodore coming back here to the states as a Chevrolet. This is in a sense a reaction to the somewhat negative response from guess who, the enthusiasts, knocking the SS for not offering a manual, the hideous front fascia with the gaping rice burner looking black hole for a lower grill, and in general the lack luster styling.

    There is a wide band of black plastic that is on the front of this car which goes across the lower grill opening. How is that attractive??!!! It’s fugly ……. and no manual ??? It’s available on the Commodore.

    So the same insightful group of people that could have helped in making this car great by providing some much needed input are the same ones that have fully expressed themselves giving the SS an average grade driving GM to regroup and reconfigure how this vehicle will be offered.

    This is a vehicle I waited five years for. How very disappointing. I see a used Pontiac GXP in my future.

  • wkdclwnz

    What they don’t mention is how dealerships will be placing large “Made to order” orders for their lots. All this is a marketing ploy to make enthusiasts and the general public believe this car is more special than it really is. These cars will be hard to come by for the first 3 months after the official release date. Then they will be plentiful, trust me.

  • Bev

    ah nuts to you all…..I am looking forward to the arrival of this beast!

  • bobbym

    Ha, What happened to race on Sunday!!! Buy on Monday!!! Where’s the 2 door version isn’t this a SS!!!

  • CJ

    This sounds vaguely similar to the botched release of the last GTO. This will likely be a good car. But to pretend it is something special that requires a three month wait (and likely dealer markups) will only push customers away. This same basic car was available on Pontiac dealer lots four years ago. It’s still available to customers in Australia. To say it requires a special order will persuade me to spend my money elsewhere.

  • Rob

    bahahahahhahah all Holden commodores lol FORD all the way even if they have pulled out of Australian Markit RIP there still better Cars

  • Tkd

    Own a SS, great car, turns heads where ever we go with it. Seems to be well put together, and good quality. Owned a brand new 69 Dodge Dart Swinger 340, so I am an old gear head, this thing is as fast or faster than many of the cars that I have owned or driven, over the years. And it looks like it will hold 4 sets of golf clubs and 4 people. If you haven’t seen one or driven one don’t judge it. GM’s marketing department finnaly got something right,
    a car that muscle car driver from the 60’s and 70’s will love driving. The thing is a little rocket.