Chevrolet Volt Sales Drop in April, Leaf Sales Strong

Chevrolet Volt Sales Drop in April, Leaf Sales Strong

The Nissan Leaf enjoyed a second month of strong sales while the Chevrolet Volt fell 11 percent in April.

In April, Volt sales fell to 1,306 overall sales are up just 3.2 percent for the year. Leaf sales on the other hand has increased 420 percent over last April to 1,937. Despite the strong April, March was much better for the Leaf, when it moved 2,236 units.

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This year, Nissan lowered the price of its base-model Leaf by 18 percent to $28,800, undoubtedly helping it increase sales the last couple of months. Leaf sales remain a disappointment for the Japanese automaker.

GM North American President Mark Reuss admitted last month that the Leaf’s price cut has impacted Volt sales. But the American automaker is making no excuses for the Volt’s drop in sales.

Both automakers agree on one thing though: there’s a lot of interest in EVs, just not enough buyers.

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