Chinese Electric Cars Aim at US Taxi Fleets

Chinese Electric Cars Aim at US Taxi Fleets

American taxi fleets will be allowed to buy electric cars from Chinese automaker Build Your Dreams (BYD) despite the brand’s choice not to offer at the consumer level.

The brand will offer a version of its e6 EV that it modified to meet U.S. safety standards while looking almost the same as the version sold in China. For now, the maker will continue building the vehicles in China and shipping them to its North American headquarters in Los Angeles.

A 75 kw electric motor sources power from a battery built into the floor that offers up to 186 miles of city range according to the company. It can also travel up to 87 mph.

BYD hasn’t said what the cars will cost, but will announce more details closer to the on-sale date.

[Source: ChinaEV]