Commute, Toy or Destroy – Chevrolet Camaro vs. Ford Mustang vs. Dodge Challenger

Commute, Toy or Destroy – Chevrolet Camaro vs. Ford Mustang vs. Dodge Challenger

We are back with this week’s installment of AutoGuide’s newest, interactive weekly feature ‘Commute, Toy or Destroy’.

Once again, we present to you, our faithful readers, a choice of three vehicles. We are asking you to decide which one you would make your daily driver, which one would be used to rip up the drag strip and which one would you not even give your mother-in-law to drive.

Remember, that commuter car you must live with every day. The toy would be only available to you for occasional use on weekends and the final car would be the one you’d leave out in the hot Nevada sun to rot away.

This week we present three vehicles that could be the most argued and debated in America. Yes we are talking about Pony cars. So, which one of these V8, rear-wheel drive monsters will find a home as your daily driver, which one is going to become a weekend toy and which one will we left out in cold? And remember, no cheating and showing brand loyalty by picking one vehicle twice; all three must be selected.

Chevrolet Camaro Chevrolet-Camaro-01

After returning in 2010 from a short hiatus, Chevrolet eased the Camaro back into show room floors with only regular (V6) and SS (V8) models available. But recently GM has shown it is serious with this Camaro and unleashed various asphalt annihilating monsters like the handling focused 426 hp 1LE, the 580 hp supercharged ZL1 and the upcoming racetrack ready Z/28 featuring a 7.0 L V8 with at least 500 hp.

Dodge Challenger Dodge-Challenger-01

Although it may lack the one-off performance specials that the Mustang and Camaro offer, there is no denying that the Challenger is one seriously good looking car that has a road presence not match by many vehicles. Plus, the HEMI powered 470 hp Challenger SRT8 392 is a monster in its own right, and makes some glorious V8 music.

Ford Mustang Ford-Mustang-01

The Pony car that started it all is still on top of its game as it reaches a half century in production. The V8 Mustang GT rings in with 420 hp and the track ready BOSS 302 increases power to a healthy 444 hp. If that isn’t enough, you could always step up to the current king of the horsepower wars; the Shelby GT500. It produces a ludicrous 662 hp and backs it up with sinister looks.

  • Commuet: Challenger as it is easily the most comfortable. Toy: Give me the Boss 302. And as mush as I like the Camaro the desert awaits for it.

  • Commute: Challenger. You just can’t beat that bad-ass look.

    Toy: Mustang Boss 302. Probably the best handling car of the bunch, making it ideal for track days.

    Destroy: Camaro. It just isn’t as good looking as the Challenger, and it could never handle as well as the BOSS.

  • Commute: Anything within the Mustang line between the GT to the GT500. The Mustangs have the best interior in my opinion. If I were to be stuck in traffic in a modern muscle car, it would have to be Ford’s product.

    Toy: This is simple. The ZL1. Chevrolet puts a track warranty behind the thing. Nuff said…

    Destroy: Ralph Gilles and I were chatting at the Chrysler booth in Detroit. He said the Challenger generally appeals to larger, older buyers. I miss both of those categories and would send the Challenger away despite its badass style. To me, it’s like buying the last pair of Reebok Pumps as a kid in the 90s. They didn’t fit, didn’t do anything for me and got me nowhere.

  • Mike Schlee

    I’d track the Camaro, either the ZL1 or the Z/28.

    Daily drive in a Mustang, probably BOSS 302 just for fun.

    Destroy the poor Challenger .

  • BahamaTodd

    The SS 1LE Camaro has already proven to perform better than the Boss. Then you still have the higher performance ZL1 and Z/28. The only thing the Mustang has going for it is the GT500’s straight line speed.

  • Commute challenger. toy camaro 1LE. destroy all ford mustangs.

  • Eric

    Commute: Challenger. You don’t see many of them so there’s the unique factor. Toy: Camaro. Plenty of after market parts available and a healthy dose of HP to start. Destory: Mustang. Waaaaay too many of them to begin with. Who needs a “me, too” car.

  • Challenger falls mostly in commuter category but can also be a toy too. It is the best compromise of the three if you can only own one car. If you can afford more than one, then Toy would go to the Camaro since it has a better road coarse/drag race balance than the Mustang does. It is hard to go wrong with either the Mustang or Camaro as a toy though. Good parts availability and good prices. Cannot say the same for the Challenger. There are some parts to be had for the dodge but it seems they are limited and costly.

  • Jason Robinson

    Commute – Challenger (I have one and really do enjoy it, it’s too heavy to be a real contender on the strip, although there are some fast ones out there)

    Toy – GT500 more than likely

    Destroy – Camaro, I just don’t like them

  • Jim

    Challenger – commute – has best ride, fewer blind spots, best interior features, keyless ignition, voice controls, cellphone link, 900 watt – 18 speaker + 40 GB hard drive for great sound, navigation & real time traffic, trunk room, leg room; by far the easiest to drive and best for trips…and the bad ass look for road presence. Bigger and not as fast as the others, but I’ve grown out of smoking the tires…mostly…OK, maybe once in a while.

    Camaro – track, weekend fun car even with all the blind spots.

    Mustang – too many out there, both other cars look better, doesn’t have many interior feature.


    My Challenger SRT8 is in the Toy category. unmodified except for a catback there is very little that can touch it off the showroom floor. i think that the Camaro is still the car of choice for commuters ( think wife beater shirts and the cast of “the Jersey Shore”) and the Mustang, (with the exception of the Shelby) seems to be already destroyed being a car driven by more soccer moms the real gear heads these days…. Just my opinion

  • oZ

    I own a Dodge SRT8 1st Edition, stock except for Mopar CAI. That would have to be the toy.

    Track: Mustang Shelby GT 500

    Commute: Camaro, cause it’s the ugliest of the bunch and wouldn’t care about it being dented or scratched.

  • Dave

    I agree with all selections

  • Sami Haj-Assaad

    Choose a muscle car for commuting? Easy! The Dodge Challenger. It’s big and comfy since it’s based on a modified (shorter) Chrysler LX platform and uses a few suspension parts from Mercedes-Benz, ( a company which knows how to make unreliable, yet comfortable riding cars.) A SRT model would be ideal. You never know when you might need all that 470-hp, or hell, a car that should be in a Rap/R&B video. Plus, I might get to meet Taio Cruz, or Ne-Yo, and that’d be really cool…

    The next choice is easy too. My toy car would be a Camaro. I’m not sure which of the 1LE, ZL1 or Z/28 I’d take, but I’m leaning towards the ZL1, which has really sweet magnetic suspension. Magnets! How do they work!? Oh yeah. I’d always yell things at my track Camaro like “BUMBLEBEE WHERE’S OPTIMUS!?! I NEED SOME TIRES TO TRANSPORT!” And of course, I would need tires to transport, since a supercharged V8 making 570-hp is designed to destroy tires (and tracks) like Megatron was designed to destroy planets (although he usually fails.)

    Oh and the Mustang sucks. So trash that. (Nah just kidding Ford, it’s a’ight.) I just think that Mustang is more of a jack of all trades rather than a cruiser or track-weapon. If I had one car to choose for everything, it’d be the Mustang. It would be my reliable Wookie co-pilot: hairy and hard to talk to, but only I could understand and love it, all while insulting its skills at every available opportunity. And on the weekend, I’d braid its hair and have pic-nics together. In space.

  • hans

    I’d try the camaro first, just because my dad and mom have a chevy.

  • Larry D. Barr

    I’ve always been a Chevy guy. But, I changed to Ford when they refused the government bailout money. So, for a daily driver, the Mustang. Then, since I have to pick ’em all, the Camaro for a weekend toy and the Dodge can go live with somebody else. Given a choice, I’d stick with the Ford for all three, since GM and Chrysler both took gov’t $$. Oh, well.

  • Al

    Daily Driver: Dodge Challenger – It’s just so sexy.. It’s not overplayed like the Mustangs. Sure, it lacks power and handling to that of the competition, but all the looks that you’ll be getting along with the comfort and available options? I’ll take that any day!!

    Track Car: Chevy Camaro – It’s able to take the best corner out of the three and it’s able to take straight line pretty well. This car was made for all around performance giving it the racing edge out of the three.

    Trash Car: Ford Mustang – It’s waaayyyy too overplayed. Too many people goes around in this car. Sure, it got the straight line performance, but that’s it. I’ve seen one too many of these cars around that it just doesn’t seem special. It would be too boring driving around this car. It’s like the American version of a Honda Civic.

  • MOPAR Man

    Mustangs NEED to be a Shelby GT500 just to keep up with the others.

  • sam

    Daily Driver, definitely challenger, toy camaro, out in the cold, mustangs, the mustang is a nice car but they are waaaayyyyy more common than a camaro or a challenger, many people will tell you that everybody and their grandmother drives a mustang

  • devin

    thats because the mustang is better dumb ass

  • devin again

    kill yourself bitch ford is better

  • devin

    thank you. a person in the right mind for once

  • Anonymous

    Come on dude. You shouldn’t write the Challenger off like that. It comes from a well respected company, and it has plenty of power on board. Sure, its a little on the heavy side, but its still a good looking all-around car. And plus, Mopar has tons of aftermarket parts you can add on to it.

  • lg mendoza

    Wow really the Mustang came first and the rest are cheap wanna-be’s and if you bring up the gt500 the others cant keep up. Camaro zl1 580hp 556 lbs torque 0-60 3.9 secs. Mustang Gt500 662hp 631lbs torque 0-60 in 3.5 secs and weighs about 300 lbs than the shitty challenger.

  • LG Mendoza 732

    Wow really the Mustang came first and the rest are cheap wanna-be’s and if you bring up the gt500 the others cant keep up. Camaro zl1 580hp 556 lbs torque 0-60 3.9 secs. Mustang Gt500 662hp 631lbs torque 0-60 in 3.5 secs and weighs about 250 lbs than the the camaro and 300 less than the srt8 challenger. Also remember the there are way more options for mustangs than the others do. V6, v8, 4.6liter gt, 5.0 gt, cobra, shelby gt, shelby gt500, shelby gt500 super snake, shelby gt1000, shelby gt1000 s/c, Saleen Mustang. Oh but wait what happen to the camaro and chellenger for so many years I guess your “grandma’s” had for taste than this kids now and days do. Commuter car mustang. Weekend Mustang. Cars I leave to unlocked in a bad neighborhood with the keys begging someone to take them camaro and the challenger.

  • sam

    I don’t think its better, I take it you drive a mustang, seeing as how your being anal about it, get that stick out your ass get over it dumb ass

  • sam

    Kill yourself fag

  • Austin Kalar

    Well this hard but, CAMARO. Lets see the zl1 is fastest. mustang has about three out of 11 cars with v8s.

  • FJ A

    daily car challenger, toy mustang, 3 camaro

  • Nitroxic Man

    I agree w/ FJA. I love the Ford Mustang gt, but Dodge would be every day car. Mustang gt every weekend (toy), and ( im so sorry, Chevy) the Chevy Camaro ss.

  • Ed

    If the Mustang wasn’t a better car then more people would drive Camaros.

  • wade

    I own a 2010 Camaro SS and it is a toy. I don’t drive it all
    of the time. Next would be the Challenger. Sure it’s not in the same all-around
    performance league as the Camaro and Mustang but it looks like a true Muscle
    Car not a pony car like Mustang and Camaro. Last Mustang. I mean with you don’t
    have the in house engineering. You have to sub contract it to Shelby to get
    ultimate performance. It makes me wonder just how good is the car? Plus I was a
    mechanic for thirty years. Ford paid me a lot of money and that is why I will
    never buy one.

  • Guest

    The current gen Camaros are outselling the current gen mustangs. I’ve never gone around saying that makes my personal favorite (the Camaro) better than a Mustang, though.

  • Deano Pearson

    Irony- I drive a 2013 Phantom R/T with a manual trans. Flashed, flow master drag pack (race hedders, perf cats, perf resonators, eliminator kit), shaker intake platform with Injen set-up, Eibach lowering, mopar performance suspension pack, and threw Yoke’s on the rims.. Low 11’s, high 10’s depending on conditions at 66. I’d probably pick my car over my house… Had a Cobra in the 90’s… Sold it within a year. I heard the Camaro gets good mileage by comparison…. I’m sure that oval would fit in the dumpster

  • Deano Pearson

    Have to agree with this. I’ve never seen such a retardedly engineered domestic pos than a ford. Plus every jerkoff with no sense drives one.

  • ford hater

    your reasoning doesn’t even make sense! you hate ford cause your deadbeat stepdad that beat you when you were a kid drove one.

  • sam sucks balls

    sam did you make it through high school?

  • sam

    I’m actually halfway through my last semester, I’m about to earn my degree in network administration, thanks for asking. Glad you took the time out of your day just to reply. Fuck yourself and have a good one

  • sam

    I don’t need to have a reason to voice my opinion. I don’t have a stepdad but thanks for making the assumption based on your own pathetic life.

  • thegreatcorntrollio

    I have a 2012 Challenger . LOVE the car.

  • Ford Truck Guy

    The 5.8L supercharged Mustang is the highest performance car of the three, but it probably wouldn’t be the best every day driver. The Camaro is a car you would want every day (you don’t need 662HP driving to work and back unless you take the Auto Bahn). The Camero is a comftorable, stylish car. I wouldn’t drive the Dodge product, unless all you care about in a car is strictly for a muscle car look and a nice sounding V8.
    I say the Camaro is the better car, unless you frequent the race track, and in that case I would recommend the Mustang.

  • Hungry Tran

    I highly agree. Dodge is just ehh. Camero aka Bumblebee car is a smooth ride.

  • Thunder Blaxt

    Tough to decide… They all have their own ups and downs.
    Challenger does have the muscle look down alright but it’s one helluva boat.
    Camaro is pretty slick and one of the most badass transformers but that’s all it’s got for me.
    Shelby has history. Being an american muscle icon and the original pony car.
    Besides the ridiculously toxic online community, I’d drive them all provided my preferences could be met. I’d also like to add: this is just factory tuned! Let the mods flow in and let your creativity and skill do the talking!

  • Lord Ford

    The Camaro is a knockoff of the Mustang. A ripoff, a wanna be. So if you like the Camaro, that means you really like the Mustang and just don’t know it.

  • Lord Ford

    Both the Camaro are cheesy knockoffs of the Mustangs. There’s a reason why Stangs are overplayed. They’re the originals. Your favorites came 2nd & 3rd. Not 1st.

  • Walter28

    If it wasn’t for the Mustang, the other two wouldn’t even exist. It’s the original inspiration behind it all. Which goes to show what a masterpiece it is. It forced the other companies to ape their design in order to even compete with them. The only reason you’d ever buy one of the alternatives is if you’re a hipster who thinks the Mustang is too popular. You need something less mainstream… something more underground… something to match your ironic t-shirt — like the poser that you are — which makes a Camaro or a Challenger perfect for you, since they are both posing for Mustangs.

  • guest


  • Victor Collado

    Hello, I’m not very knowledgeable on these type of cars but I really like them, so with that in mind which one would you guys drive for every day use ? (go back and forth to work, gym, university, school, etc)

  • david leffel

    Being a proud Nova owner and a 2012 Camaro owner I think the Nova should have the credit for first pony car, small, light , avalible in 2 door and first built in 62′. Mustang wasn’t till 64′ built on the ford falcon platform ( Fords compact car). Tell me buy 1964 you could go to your dealer and get a 64′ Novs SS with a 327ci & 4 speed and clean up on your local stop lights. By the way my Camaro is my comuter and my Nova is my toy (nothing like old school BIG BLOCK fun).

  • david leffel

    How come the Camaro has out sold ford no 4 years in a row.

  • david leffel

    Guess what you can get a Camaro in V6, V8 and COPO, Baldwin Motion, YENKO, Saleen, Hennesy, Roush and the bad a$$ Linginfelter did i forget any? And in the Motion,Yenko and Linginfelter you can get 427 LS7s in supercharged or twin turbo in the 850hp-1300hp range all day and if thats not enough get the LSX 454R thats 650hp n/a in mild tune.

  • david leffel

    ZL1 isn’t for strait line performance. Run your gt500 on the curves and see what happens.

  • david leffel

    Victor, it would have to come down to personal choice on this one, every one could give you there choice. But every one is diffrent & you may not feel the same about another persons choice. Me personaly I chose the Camaro #1 I’m a die hard GM guy #2 I work on my own cars no matter how new they are #3 I like the best bang for the $ buck (& thats always been GM). I like the LS engines, I like the Camaros ride & handling, I like the Camaros design the retro & 21st centry look combined. Because if I wanted a 69′ then i would buy a 69′. Well good luck on your pick.

  • Matt Walker

    Mustangs are way overvalued i just raced a mustang looking way newer than my malibu 2005 and i can proudly say they are way overvalued i mean a ducking malibu won! when it comes to the challenger it looks aggressive and has a lot of power sure its weight lets it down but still a much better car than a mustang and the camaro even tho i don’t like the design is way better than the mustang

  • MCC

    This guy probably drives a yaris

  • creepyasscracker

    Race a 2011+ GT 5.0 against your pos malibu.

  • david leffel

    Here is how almost all ford boys are, bring your 200hp V6 malibu and i will race you in my 2011 GT stang with its 420hp V8 and brag to my buddys how I won. Matt here most likly ran against a V6 stang and beat, and yes my sons 2006 3.5L V6 malibu will beat the snot out of 2010- V6 stangs all day but it can’t touch my wifes 2012 camaro V6. Point here is when you buy a performance car like say a 2012 camaro V6, a 2012 V6 malibu should stand no chance or 2012 V6 ford fusion should not out perform a 2012 V6 stang. V6 camaros, stangs and chalengers should be tops in a V6 class for there respective brands but seems not to be the case. Now on my first statement all the friends i have that have GTs, even a friend with a cobra and one with a home made saleen will race me in my 12′ V6 camaro and talk smack but not one will go to the track and race my 79′ 454bbc Nova with me. Why? P.S nether will my ss camaro friends and a guy at work with his 2013 SRT8 chalenger.

  • david leffel


  • david leffel

    So if you like a camaro , you really like mustang, would only make sence to a 2 year old that know nothing about cars, just because there both considered pony cars make them nothing alike.

  • david leffel

    No that because the mustang is cheaper. And you get what you pay for.

  • david leffel

    What about the $9billion loan ford got and the $5billion for retooling ther factorys, YEA nobody counts that, why because it was a diffrent program well BS to that. Besides GM as of date has paid back in full.


    Truthfully, none us can tell the difference between 3.5 and 3.9. It all boils down to what puts a smile on your face. They all are nice but what are you getting for you dollar? For what I’ve priced, the Challenger wins hands down! The mustang comes in so many different packages and styles, its difficult to say where it really is. Camaro has always had a strong following.
    My first car was a mustang. It was a good car but nothing to do back flips over. My second was a camaro. It was a head turner but basically as common as a tree.
    My pick is Challenger 1, Camaro 2, Mustang 3.

  • JV

    The Z/28 wins but I’d never pay 75k for a Camaro. I’d pay 60k for the Shelby if I could find one in blue with white stripes, or white with blue stripes. The Challenger may have the timing chain fly off on the highway but it is the most sinister looking of the three and the only one that always turns my head. I’ll take all three if someone else pays the insurance. I couldn’t park the Camaro around here without some doofus leaving intentional scratch and dents. I couldn’t park the Shelby around here and expect it to not be stolen. The Challenger is the only one of the three I could go somewhere in and not be afraid to park it unattended.

  • Rami Tannus

    You want to race a 2011 gt 5.0 against a 2005 Malibu? That’s pathetic go home

  • Rami Tannus

    That’s a silly question. Because a ’79 nova is REAL car hands down. You are a man lol

  • That Guy

    Sad thing is that is how most of the so called “posers” think about
    Mustang owners. Mustang usually equals a douche bag because most of them
    have v6. Which i am not sure if you consider that a muscle car! If you
    own a Shelby GT500, Roush, or the plain GT I would consider that a
    Muscle/Classic car. Everyone and there brother has a Mustangs v6 because
    they are cheap and mass produced. I would almost consider the v6 version
    to be just another car no different then a Toyota Camry and when they
    are everywhere i am not sure you consider that a collectors item

  • Derp

    FYI That timing time issue is only with the MDS motors, aka AUTO only. Reason I love my older 6.1l SRT Hemi. It even in Automatic lacks that crap which makes the car a bitch to tune exhaust wise (v-8 turning into a v-4 literally). Timing chain issue is only common in the 5.7L though I have maybe heard of ONE issue of the 6.4L as they use upgraded timing chains. 2011+ 5.7ls though are a ticking time bomb going in and out of 4 to 8 cylinders. I did just drive the 2014 Camaro 2SS and considering how much smaller it is inside and my friends can barely fit in the back, I was expecting it to be fast. It felt slower even though it has a 6-speed auto and shifts out of 1st @ 35mph and my SRT uses 1st gear til 45MPH (tall gearing). It’s lighter, and smaller, but I swear to god my old 6.1l SRT-8 08 Challenger is faster. @ 3500RPM it felt like the Camaro SS had no torque where as the Challenger REALLY pulls at that RPM even though it weighs 400lbs more, which made me look up the power-band and the Camaro LS motor really lacks a lot.

  • david leffel

    First off, next time there is a little button down to the top left of that shifter in that SS for traction control, tap that off and that will unleash the beast. GMs TC systems realy knock down the throttle response. Also the Camaro SS handles 10x better than a 08′ Chalenger therefore thay are not going to feel the same. Second the Ls3 and the 6.1 hemi have almost identical power curves, so not sure what you were looking at maybe the 6.4. And by the way the drag strip times show witch is faster. I have friends with 4.6L GTs that swore up & down there stangs feel more powerful than my 12′ camaro V6, but guess who wins at the strip?

  • Derp

    Yeah the same applies to an SRT, it’s just a traction control button buddy, hold it and it disables all the safety. It does not re-tune your engine so keep your panties on. Second, if you look at any of the track results, Challenger is about dead-even even though being a much bigger vehicle. I’m guessing you didn’t though. LS3 and 6.1L hemi do NOT have identicle power-curves with torque, the 6.4l isn’t even a question. And the fact you mentioned the 4.6L V-8 fans that swore their Stangs felt more powerful than your V-6? Derp. Fords base V-6 has more power than the 4.6L V-8 of the old GT and a better power-band and a 6-speed auto to boot. And yes, I drove the Camaro SS with that “traction control” button (we call it the fun button) off, no difference. Sluggish, horrific tiny ass windshield and windows, pitiful rear-seats and everything else. If you want a Camaro, just get a Corvette. Side note, I still giggle at how you are all like eee about your Camaro LT V-6, the Ford Mustang V6 would kick it’s ass xD, regardless, both sound pitiful to the Muscle era the represent unless you buy them in proper configuration. Aka with a V-8, which apparently you skimped on.

  • Derp

    Woah, keep your panties on, first off the LS3 on the Camaro does not have the same power-bands, and def not your tiny V-6. Second off, you’d know in just about every test the Challenger is identical to the Camaro SS in handling. Third off, you are saying people with the 4.6L GT are vsing you and losing? DERP. The base Mustang V-6 makes more power than the old Mustang V-8 GT and has a 6-speed to boot. All bad, bad points to defend yourself buying a “muscle-car” with a V-6 to poot around town. Also, that button, does jack and shit. It just disables tracstab control, it does not “re-tune” the engine, or throttle. Side note, I do find it cute you race a V-6 Camaro at the strip regardless xD, here is a fun video for you.

  • Derp

    @ David so now the Camaro V6 is your wifes car? This just gets cuter. Anyway, the V-6 stang is most def faster than the Camaro V6, someone is just in denial and couldn’t fulfill their mid-life crisis. Regardless, lol @ V-6. These are muscle cars. Keep to your family.

  • Derp

    I’d be careful. This guy has been saying he owns x and y all over the place. Interesting fact the 454 Nova only did 0-60 in 6.1 seconds, lol. Def wasn’t any Stingray.

  • Derp

    Interesting fact the 454 Nova only did 0-60 in 6.1 seconds, lol. Def wasn’t any Stingray. Livin in the past and your 5.8-6.0 2012 V-6 “Wife’s” Camaro must feel SO FAST! MREOW

  • SFBay69 .

    I wouldnt care if my camaro got dents all over it cuz it’s trash. The mustang and challenger are better daily drivers, but the mustang is better for visibility and speed

  • david leffel

    A mustang for speed yea, I guess a school bus was made for speed to. You can drive a Camaro while you push the other two. Witch of these three has the highest safty rating, highest resale value, lowest cost of ownership and best bang for the buck

  • david leffel

    First off you need to learn how to research (the Nova never came factory with a 454) and specialy in 1979. I never said it was the original engine did I ? I built this nova, it originaly had a inline six. And the wifes Camaro is still mine when i”m making the payments, and no it dosen’t feel very fast at all when MY Nova runs 12sec, 1/4 miles. And if you pay attention to what I wrote I said 2010– (OLDER mustang V6s ) does every thing need to be spelled out for you.

  • david leffel

    I’m glade you like cute, Like your V6 mustangs.

  • david leffel

    I never said the camaro was faster, I was taking about a Malibu. ( PAY ATTENTION)… 2010 AND OLDER V6 Mustangs had 210hp, 2011 and up have 305hp + less weight, Yes they will beat the 5gen Camaro V6s and any 2006 Malibu. I’m trying to point out that grand ma can buy her self a new Taurus twin turbo and smoke all the V6 Camaros,Stangs & Chalengers around (IMO- I don’t believe this should be) unless the Pony cars get turbos to, and not this turbo 4 cyl 2015 Stang ether.

  • david leffel

    402ci was the largest engine GM ever put in a Nova and it could pull 5.sec 0-60. Yanko, Nikky & Boldwin Motion put 427ci in them and ran under 4.sec 0-60 and promissed high 10sec 1/4 mile times right off there dealer ships with minor tune & slicks. So where do you get your research info?

  • david leffel

    Your funny, mid-life crisis, if you call 36 mid life maybe.

  • david leffel

    I buy my shirts to match my ride ( REALY).

  • SFBay69 .

    I hated mine after a few months. Sold it took a loss however.

  • david leffel

    Traction control eliminates wheel spin therefore it controls throttle and cuts torque – LOOK IT UP..And as far as every thing els goes I guess you know better than the professionals and the people who do this for aliving, since every thing you post is BS every one on here can look all these things up for them selves. And in closing I don’t race the Camaro but 1 time to see how it does MY WIFE RACES THE CAMARO I race the 79′ Nova that I built with the BIG BLOCK 454 that you say FACT it only does 0-60 in 6sec but its funny you can find this info on somthing that only exist buy the owner swapping motors and if 0-60 in 6sec and still run in the 12s at a 5000ft elevation drag strip where even your precius 6.4L Hemi chalengers bearly can make mid 13s, I guess what ever.. Have a good life.

  • moparornocar

    Lets face it, all three of the vehicles are cheaply made. I noticed that all of you are knocking on the challenger. Why? Is it because it truly is the better of the three. I mean come on, if you want a true muscle car get the challenger. Anyone who wants a mustang is a band wagoner, anyone who wants a camaro, good luck on keeping it running within 5 years. Plus the camaros have a VERY uncomfortable ride. Good luck on your decisions. Haters gonna hate.

  • Big D

    75k? Dude that’s not how much a camaro costs. Camaros are only like 25,000$ New if I am not mistaken

  • vin

    the z28 is 75 grand its the race care they are selling not the ss.

  • Bettyboop1110

    The challenger is what I own. We test drove the camaro but the comfort and look of the challenger won hands down. The mustang is everywhere so we didn’t even look at it. But I would not bring my challenger to the races with a bunch of mustangs and camaros its not an even race, The challenger is a Muscle car the camaro and mustang are sports cars.

  • Grandpa Mike

    Easy peasy, SRT8 for my commuter it’s got power,comfort and style, GT-500 track monster hands down what ever your flavor,GT Rally, SCCA,NASCAR,GT-C you name it.Lastly the Camaro would be the beater it doesn’t have good viability, so-so power and mushy suspension. I’ve tried all and it’s MOPAR or no car the Ford would have me doing 10 to life and a feature on every news channel about the great race against the new Highway Patrol cruisers. Ol’ Carrol Shelby knew what he was doing when he invented the Cobra and Mustang GT 350 & 500!!

  • SFBay69 .

    Mustang gt premiums are nicer than r/t challengers in the interior….

  • Tiger Kanokpon

    I think all of them are good in different ways, thats why they build different cars for different people style, but my favourite is the Challenger. Plus the new Hellcat Challenger is badass machine

  • SFBay69 .

    A new 5.0 is the way to go….it’s feared and brings attention from other drivers. The other two cars are fucking junk and played out styling, the hellcat will be cool but it’s still an overweight turd.

  • SFBay69 .

    terrible interior and weak power

  • Chris

    Funny when the Camaro is actually cheaper lol.

  • guest

    It really seems to me that all you do is ride Chevy’s dick the entire time because all you do is argue when someone says the mustang is better when it actually is, and do your research the mustang is actually outselling the camaro as of 2013.

  • Guest

    fag kill yourself

  • Guest

    Here we go again, just face it in facts the camaro is a bitch car and second didn’t you say earlier it was your wife’s car? Reply when you actually own the car yourself.

  • Guest

    Agree 100% with you.

  • sam

    Take your mustang and ram it up your ass.