‘Dude Where’s my Car?’ Free Parking App now Available

‘Dude Where’s my Car?’ Free Parking App now Available

A free parking app is now available for the Apple iPhone to help users find where they parked their vehicle.

With the new “Dude Where’s my Car?” app, users can mark the location of their vehicle, add a quick note, and immediately get directions back to the vehicle at any time. It will even allow you to quickly search and call a taxi directly from the app if you’re not sober enough to drive.

Applications of the app can go beyond your vehicle because it can tag any stationary object you want to find again later. You can also set a parking meter alert directly from within the app, so it can notify you if the meter is running low and give you directions on how to quickly get back to your car.

Upcoming features to the app include the ability to pair a Bluetooth device with the app. That will allow you to plug the Bluetooth device into the cigarette lighter to automatically mark the car’s location, removing the hassle of remembering to open the app each time to remember the vehicle’s location.


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