‘FaceLube’ Targets Car Buffs… in the Face

‘FaceLube’ Targets Car Buffs… in the Face

“Ultra-masculine anti-aging skin care,” that you can slather on your face is here…

Fair warning: this has nothing (or at least almost nothing) to do with cars. It isn’t news. It’s just too funny not to share.

Meet FaceLube, an attempt to market skin care to men with more rude jokes around the corner than a George Carlin routine. It’s an anti-aging cream meant for men that, among other places, is now being sold in certain Hawaiian motorcycle dealers according to a press release from FaceLube Automotive, the exclusive distributor.

“FaceLube is excellent for men who work hard and play hard,” the company said in a statement.

Billed as “high performance” skin care, the company pandors even further to the automotive enthusiast community by referring to its products as models. For example, the $45 package is the “base model,” while the fully-loaded edition costs $245.

If it’s possible, the commercials shown in a single clip below might be even funnier and more ridiculous than the product itself, highlighting company slogans like: “Real Men Prefer FaceLube.”

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  • captain contrarian

    So what you’re saying is that this is a facial made for dudes?

  • inchorfoot

    That’s another couple of minutes wasted that I won’t ever get back.


    I just want a chick to check my oil.