Ferrari 458 Scuderia Expected at Frankfurt Motor Show

Ferrari 458 Scuderia Expected at Frankfurt Motor Show

Ferrari is expected to unveil a hardcore version of its 458 Italia (above), likely the Scuderia version, at this year’s Frankfurt Motor Show.

Four years ago the brand unveiled the 430 Scuderia during the show, and at the time it was a significant improvement over the 430 Italia. The car is 220 lbs lighter and boasts 503 hp along with a number of chassis updates. Now, Car and Driver is reporting that the car will make its debut in a few months time.

The 563-hp 458 Challenge race car is supposed to be a strong indication of what to expect, although the same report suggests this car will go even further. Expect Ferrari to pare its car down to a dry weight below 2,900 lbs, with a lot of work done to both the seven-speed gearbox and 4.5-liter V8 which is said to make roughly 600 hp.

That powerplant will use forged connecting rods to allow a 9,300 rpm redline: up from its current 9,000.

Bodywork will also grow more aggressive to improve downforce with key features to include a rear diffuser that will be able to actively adjust its positon according to speed, throttle position and lateral g forces.

 [Source: Car and Driver]

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