Fisker Karma Resale Values Plummet

Fisker Karma Resale Values Plummet

While American electric car maker Fisker is still treading through some rough waters, owners of Karma models are now watching their vehicles’ resale value take a huge tumble.

Owners of Fisker Karmas are having trouble unloading their vehicles on the used car market, with some not even getting bids over $50,000 on eBay. Recently, a dealer with the Fields Auto Group in Chicago got a top bid of $45,100 for a used Karma – it didn’t even meet the reserve. Compare that with the selling price of over $100,000 and the Karma is looking like the new Delorean.

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What’s worse is that Tesla, Fisker’s main American competitor, is promising that its Model S will have the best resale value in the industry. The bigger question is really who wants a used Karma in today’s market? The company itself isn’t sure which direction it’ll be heading in, if any at all.

[Source: NBC News]

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