Future Hybrid Cars: the 2013 Edition

Future Hybrid Cars: the 2013 Edition

Subaru XV Crosstrek Hybrid

The rugged and off-road capable XV Crosstrek (itself a crossover-ified Impreza) has been chosen as the first ever Subaru model to sport a hybrid powertrain. Using a 13.4 hp electric motor alongside a 2.0L boxer engine it will bring improved fuel economy to the AWD softroader – though it’s not yet clear how much. However, the Subaru will be using a slightly older battery tech, with nickel-metal hydride batteries providing juice to the new powertrain. The new equipment adds 209 lbs. to the overall weight of the car, and while that’s not a huge gain, Subaru still revised the XV Crosstrek’s steering and suspension to ensure the same, if not better driving dynamics.

The hybrid will also get a number of other fuel saving technologies. Active grille shutters will improve aerodynamics and the air conditioning system uses is optimized for reduced draw on engine power. Finally, like many other hybrids, the XV will use a start/stop system to turn off the engine when the car is stopped. Fuel numbers and pricing hasn’t yet been announced for the XV Crosstrek Hybrid, but it should be impressive, since the normal XV gets up to 25 mpg city, 33 highway and 28 mpg combined. Expect the hybrid to hit dealerships later this year.

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  • JayR

    Pretty useless lineup of cars for the vast majority of us. There were a couple of interest, but for the most part . . . not.

  • I agree. The new Elio 3 wheel is going into production next year. 50mpg city 85 hwy with an inline 3cyl 1liter making 70hp gas motor priced at $6800. 0-60 9.5sec speed over 100mph. That’s the way I’ll go!