Gran Turismo 6 Release Date: November 28, 2013

Gran Turismo 6 Release Date: November 28, 2013

The Gran Turismo series almost seems like an afterthought these days, with an onslaught of new and improved Forza titles hitting the Xbox on a regular basis.

But in terms of driving simulators, the experience Gran Turismo has to offer is arguably in a league of its own. That is, if the finished product ever makes it to the shelves. After multiple delays on Gran Turismo 5, the franchise became the butt of jokes but it was quickly announced that GT6 was already in the works.

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Since then, news surrounding the title has been quiet. But it appears that GT6 could be making a splash at this year’s E3. A couple of online outlets have posted a November 28th, 2013 release date for the game – but we would recommend everyone take that with a grain of salt. Gran Turismo 5 had plenty of rumored release dates, to the point that no one believed the official one was, well, the official one.

Earlier in the year, Sony did confirm that gaming fans should expect to see GT6 sometime this year, so a November release date is plausible in time for the holiday season. But with the release of the Playstation 4 sometime this year as well, GT6 could be the Playstation 3’s last big title.

[Source: CNet]

  • Ference

    Let me guess…’s just GT5 but with more Skylines?

  • IRAN

    ps1= GT1 GT2
    ps2= GT3 GT4

    ps3= GT5 GT6