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 |  May 14 2013, 9:32 AM


British luxury brand Jaguar Land Rover (JLR) is placing heavier emphasis on hot weather testing by opening a new facility in Dubai. 

More than a sponge for high-priced automobiles, the region often sees temperatures above 120 degrees, which is why the brand is replacing its smaller facility with the  11,120 square-foot testing center. It will offer a range of hot weather and humidity tests along with off-road and sand driving tests. The facility will also put the maker’s powertrains, chassis and heat venting systems through rigorous testing.

“Our new facility in Dubai is four times the size of the previous test centre and will enable us to enhance our testing of future products and technologies,” said JLR director of engineering technical services Martyn Hollingsworth.”

Currently, the brand has five testing facilities worldwide: the new center in Dubai, one at the Nurburgring in Germany, another in Sweden and two in the U.S.