Lamborghini Egoista Single-Seater Supercar Revealed at 50th Anniversary Party

Lamborghini Egoista Single-Seater Supercar Revealed at 50th Anniversary Party

If you thought Lamborghini couldn’t get any more extreme than its Veneno supercar revealed in Geneva earlier this year, you were WRONG.

Unveiled in Italy tonight at a private event during the brand’s 50th anniversary celebrations, company CEO Stephen Winkelmann drew back the covers on a single-seater supercar.

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It isn’t clear yet if this is a concept or a low-volume production car (like the Veneno or Sesto Elemento). In fact it’s not yet even clear what the car’s name is with reports indicating the name Egoista as well as Ecosta.

According to the name is in fact Egoista, which translates to “selfish” referring to the fact that this car is to be enjoyed only by only one person. Like many modern Lamborghini products it’s inspired by fighter jets, with a heads up display dominating the view out front. Power is reported to come from a 5.2-liter V10 engine, which in Lambo’s other products makes up to 570 hp.

***UPDATE: a source at Lamborghini has confirmed the name is in fact Egoista, referring to the single-seat cockpit-style layout. It was crafted personally by VW Group design boss Walter de Silva.

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