Mazda Announces ‘Game Changers’ Advertising Campaign

Mazda Announces ‘Game Changers’ Advertising Campaign

Mazda has announced the launch of its”Game Changers” North American ad campaign, which begins this month.

“This is the largest advertising campaign for Mazda in the last 13 years, but more importantly, it is the most far-reaching and significant campaign in our history,” said Russell Wager, vice president of marketing, Mazda North American Operations.

The campaign will revolve and showcase several historically significant people who found a new way to excel at their respective disciplines, something the Japanese automaker takes pride in doing itself.

In its own view, Mazda has changed the game in the automotive world “to develop not just a suite of environmental and dynamic technologies, but a philosophical thought behind manufacturing a vehicle that has erased the proverbial line between efficiency and driving dynamics.”

The new ad campaign will be seen throughout North America in movies, television, print, and digital media. Much of the advertising campaign will center around the automaker’s SkyActiv technology which has allowed Mazda to build vehicles with excellent fuel efficiency, low emissions, and stellar driving dynamics.

“Game Changers will be the unifying advertising campaign to tell the story of Mazda’s rich heritage in developing new and different ways to build outstanding vehicles, both for the immediate future and the launch of the 2014 Mazda6 sedan, but also to support the ongoing development of our strongest-ever product onslaught,” Wager said.

GALLERY: Mazda “Game Changers” Ad Campaign


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