MINI Preps for Pikes Peak Hill Climb

MINI Preps for Pikes Peak Hill Climb

There will be a MINI in the Pikes Peak International hill Climb with with French driver Jean-Philippe Dayraut behind the wheel.

Last year Dayraut competed in the race in the Dacia Duster. This time he will return in the same car wearing the skin taken of a MINI. This is his third year running in the famous Colorado race. Mechanically, the car is the same as last year, but with improvements.

First, it’s lost over 176 lbs. Second, it boasts 900 hp. With the race a little more than a month away, there isn’t long to wait until this and the rest of the insane hill climb cars take on the challenging course.

The clip below shows his wild car in Toulouse, France.

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