More Extreme LaFerrari on the Way

More Extreme LaFerrari on the Way

Perhaps Ferrari took a few notes at the 2013 Geneva Motor Show earlier this year, where arch-rival Lamborghini unveiled its extreme Veneno, thereby stealing some of the spotlight the LaFerrari.

Though the Veneno is far from a readily-available production car, with only three being built for customers, its radical styling clearly raised more eyebrows than the LaFerrari. On the other hand, Ferrari is producing 499 LaFerraris for the public, making it a true production vehicle compared to the Veneno’s extremely limited quantity of just three.

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But Ferrari isn’t going to just sit idle. The Italian automaker is planning an even more extreme LaFerrari variant, one that will be extremely rare, likely less than 10 units. Unfortunately details are sparse on this more extreme LaFerrari, but the car’s Chief Designer, Flavio Manzoni, confirmed that one is coming.

Currently the LaFerrari is powered by a V12 hybrid system with 950 hp and weighs around 2,767 pounds dry. It would be incredible if Ferrari was able to shed even more weight, bringing the extremely rare LaFerrari special edition to around 2,220 pounds.

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[Source: Autocar UK]

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