Next-Gen BMW 1 Series May Not be US Bound

Next-Gen BMW 1 Series May Not be US Bound

Available at dealerships across America, the BMW 1 Series may soon disappear from our shores.

Rather than a new version of the 1 Series you’re thinking of (the coupe and convertible currently on sale), the next-generation 1 Series will be a front-wheel-drive compact that was previewed in the BMW Concept Active Tourer.

It’s not the lack of sales for the current 1 Series that is deterring the German automaker from confirming that it’ll be US bound; but rather that it’s built in Europe and exporting it to America makes it expensive, along with the threat that it’ll cannibalize MINI sales.

The decision of importing the next-generation 1 Series from Europe will actually depend on how successful Mercedes-Benz and Audi are with their compact luxury models such as the CLA and A3.

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“Where we have the 1 Series close to the 3 Series in terms of the price ladder, what Mercedes and Audi are doing is giving more focus in the below-$30,000 price range,” said Paul Ferrailo, BMW’s head of product planning and strategy for North America. “We’re going to watch that and in the future—well, the battleground has now moved to this $30,000 price point. We’re working hard to take advantage of that market.”

Replacing the current 1 Series in the US will be the new 2 Series model, which will essentially be a next-generation version of the current car.

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[Source: Car and Driver]

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    BMW continues to forget what got them a fan base to begin with.