Nissan CEO Sets Sights on Doubling US Sales by 2017

Nissan CEO Sets Sights on Doubling US Sales by 2017

With US sales number disappointing, Nissan CEO Charles Ghosn is aiming to double the brands sales in the country two-fold by 2017.

Key moves for the company include increasing the number of dealerships, doubling per-store sales and improving marketing for fast-growing demographic groups.

While the company did see increases in sales this past year, they were just not up to the standard that Ghosn was expecting.

“China was not our biggest, disappointment. It was mainly the United States. We were expecting a strong year in the United States. It didn’t happen,” said Ghosn last week following the announcement of the automakers annual results.

The company is aiming to smooth out production issues, resulting in stronger launches of new products. Nissan has fixed bottlenecks in supply and in product development, although the Sentra compact sedan is already backlogged, and additional production capacity might not come until 2014.

In regards to targeting growing demographics, Nissan is looking at Asians, Hispanics and African Americans, who are wielding more buying power.

[Source Autocar]