Nissan Hatchback to Target VW Golf, Ford Focus

Nissan Hatchback to Target VW Golf, Ford Focus

Nissan is taking aim at Europe’s five-door hatchback segment next year to take on the Ford Focus and Volkswagen Golf.

Part of a bid to bolster its presence back into mainstream territory, the car will be designed exclusively for Europe and built in Nissan’s Barcelona plant according to AutoCar.

“It’s not a VW Golf, but it’ll give you a similar, secure impression from behind the wheel,” said Nissan product planning chief Andy Palmer.

“We’re on course to break through five per cent market share in Europe very soon and — while we make most cars for Europe right here in Europe — to become the continent’s biggest Asian brand,” he said.

Palmer didn’t say what will power the Golf rival, but he said the vehicle’s handling will be a priority.

“I was careful that we didn’t announce the project until I’d personally signed off the suspension tuning,” he said. “What we’ve got is something very precise and predictable — relaxing to drive. But it’s also got some of the handling satisfaction you get from a Ford Focus.”

Nissan’s plans don’t seem to include a version of the car for North America currently. But demand for hatchbacks is growing in the U.S., and with products like the Focus ST, and Golf GTD reaching the U.S. a hungry market could prove to be attractive.

[Source: AutoCar]

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