Nissan Leaf Sales Crest 25,000 in US

Nissan Leaf Sales Crest 25,000 in US

Almost two and a half years after the Nissan Leaf went on sale, the little electric car can count 25,000 sales in the U.S.

“With more than 25,000 LEAFs in the U.S. and 62,000 around the world, we’re seeing the adoption curve for EVs accelerate, and there is tremendous interest not only on the West Coast but in a number of new strongholds like Atlanta, Raleigh, Denver, Dallas, Chicago, St. Louis and many more,” Erik Gottfried, Nissan director of EV marketing and sales strategy said.

This year, and especially last month, Nissan reported strong sales increases for the Leaf. Those rising numbers can be most readily attributed to the huge price cut that came with the 2013 model year. But those numbers weren’t always gaining as rapidly as this year. Nissan originally planned to sell 10,000 of its pure electric cars annually, but fell short of that goal.

“We’ve also learned how infrastructure plays a role in a consumer’s decision to go all-electric,”  Brendan Jones Nissan director of EV infrastructure strategy and deployment said. “We already knew that areas with a higher concentration of EVs would require more charging stations, but trends show that the reverse is also true—a more robust charging infrastructure generates greater interest in EVs and stimulates more EV driving among EV owners.”

That charging infrastructure is still extremely limited and dwarfed by the number of gas stations. Earlier this year, the brand announced a commitment to triple the number of quick chargers in the U.S. from 200 to  600.

  • Chad Wilson

    1) Fiat is correct, the Leaf is ugly.
    2) Only 25,000? The machine molds haven’t even paid for themselves, yet.
    3) EVs trade one energy baron (OPEC) for another (Chinese-controlled Rare Earth minerals).

  • Mac1177

    There are many other battery types coming out that don’t require chinese controlled minerals. And for Fiat to call LEAF ugly, wow that is the kettle calling the fying pan black. And the LEAF will out sell that ugly little, overpriced POS every day.