Nitto NT421Q Tire Released for CUVs, SUVs

Nitto NT421Q Tire Released for CUVs, SUVs

Nitto Tire has released its new NT421Q CUV and SUV tire line, bringing a new all-season ultra high-performance tire to the market.

The NT421Q is currently available in 31 sizes with three more coming soon and is designed to offer a versatile product line for dealers to accommodate a variety of vehicles and fitments. The new tire features two advanced siping technologies that increase both grip and tread-block rigidity under acceleration, braking, and cornering.

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Backed by a class-leading 75,000-mile warranty for H and V speed-rated sizes, the NT421Q also comes with Intelligent Maintenance Indicators to provide an early alert to its owners for unusual wear and potential issues with the vehicle’s alignment. W speed-rated sizes have a 60,000-mile warranty.

The NT421Q is available in a variety of 17-, 18-, 19-, 20-, and 22-inch sizes.

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