NY Court Rules Against Nissan NV200 Exclusive Taxicab Rights

NY Court Rules Against Nissan NV200 Exclusive Taxicab Rights

The New York supreme court has ruled in favor of opening up the market in the state to various hybrid taxicabs, curbing the Nissan NV200’s plans of becoming the exclusive Taxi of Tomorrow.

Justice Peter Moulton stated that the Nissan NV200 doesn’t even meet the requirements of being a hybrid-type vehicle, since the Nissan NV200 hybrid isn’t due until 2015. Its contract with New York would begin later this year.

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The plan now is to meet in about a month in order to create new rules that will allow the Nissan NV200 to operate but will also allow taxi operators to purchase hybrid vehicles other than the NV200. This will allow New York to use other automakers’ hybrid sedans and SUVs in its fleet.

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[Source: AutoNews]

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