Peugeot Pikes Peak Racer Tested in Southern France

Peugeot Pikes Peak Racer Tested in Southern France

Before the Peugeot 208 T16 Pikes Peak car makes the trip to Colorado in June to run up Pikes Peak, the team took the car to Mont Ventoux in Southern France to test its mettle on a proper mountain. 

The car uses a mid-rear positioned bi-turbo V6 that makes 875 hp, giving it a power to weight ratio of one horsepower per kilogram thanks to a 1929 lb overall weight. Power will be sent to all four wheels for traction, which will also be aided by the aerodynamic kit and massive rear wing.

Driver Sébastien Loeb had previously said that this Peugeot is the fastest car he had ever driven, and after the test in France, his opinion hasn’t changed much.

“It’s not the power that impresses me anymore; I’ve got used to it,” said Loeb. “It’s the speed at which the corners leap out at you which is more striking than round a circuit where there’s always a ‘100-metre’ board to show you where to brake. Here, you can be in fifth or sixth gear and you suddenly see mountainside ahead of you; you have to work out for yourself where you need to brake…”

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The next step for the team is the journey to Colorado, where the car will be tested on Pikes Peak itself before the race. The Pikes Peak hill climb takes place on June 30, 2013.

GALLERY: Peugeot 208 T16 at Mont Ventoux

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